TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brooke L. - Falls Church, VA 
"...while my daughter napped inside..."  
This is by far the only way to get your brakes repaired. I will never go anywhere else. The sales woman on the phone was super friendly and answered all my questions (I had a lot). The gentleman who did the service was clear about all the pricing options. He was fair in his assessment of the brakes and didn't try to up-sell me anything I didn't need.
Best part is that I was able to do all of this while my daughter napped inside. How awesome is that!  And to top it off - they have me a gift card towards my next purchase and emailed me a receipt for easy record keeping.
There is no reason to 'go' anywhere else!

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Tina T. Fairfax, VA 
"How awesome is that?!"  
So my brakes started making weird scraping noises about 2 weeks ago. I was getting pretty paranoid that maybe I did something wrong and something underneath my car or even my muffler was hanging down. However, the scraping noises only occurred every time I would break my car and it worsens when it's raining (which lately it's been rainy/gloomy). When my friend heard the noise herself, she was telling me it sounded like my rotors/break pads and that I should try to take care of it ASAP.
Since I had the whole Christmas week off, I decided to try to look around yelp and get an estimate at how much this would cost and I got a free quote from Joe. He told me the price of what it would be if it was my rotors & break pads and if it was just my break pads. I loved this because I know exactly how much it would cost up front to ensure I had the money for them.
Joe had schedule an appointment on Christmas Eve and Alex (I believe) came out to my condo and did the repairs.  I am pretty pleased with the results and glad that I don't have to hear that awful scraping sound again!  It's also a plus that they come to your house or work place! How awesome is that?!
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Tierra H. - Centreville, VA 
"could not have gotten a nicer person on the phone" 
When I called and told my mom, "I had The Brake Squad come out to my house and replace my brakes," her response was, "Only you would research and find someone to work on your car the same day you called them, while you patiently waited inside, not exposing yourself to the elements." Yup. That's me. It was cold and I wasn't really feeling wasting a whole day in a dirty waiting room somewhere while they took 2+ hours to do my brakes. 
My Honda CRV's brakes were making noise, so I knew I had to get them replaced ASAP. Of course, I got on Yelp somewhere around 11 AM and found The Brake Squad. I called and could not have gotten a nicer person on the phone. Joe explained that they use ceramic brakes and what the difference between ceramic and metal brakes was. I asked  him if I could get them to come out that day, and I was surprised when he said they could. My appointment was going to be at 4. 
Well, it was about 2:45 and my husband and I were out and about, something like 10 minutes from home. I got a call from Alex saying that he was running ahead of schedule and that he wanted to come early, if he could. Well of course! 
Alex arrived at my house in 20 minutes and got to work. I was afraid I'd need rotors (EXPENSIVE!!!!!) because every time I have ever gotten my brakes done, they always tell me I need rotors too. Alex was honest and told me I didn't need new rotors, but it would help to resurface them, which was way cheaper ($30). He also checked my back brakes and said I had about 4 months til I needed new ones and that I would need rotors at that time as well. It's nice to know something like that in advance, because that's a considerable cost. 
Alex had my vehicle done in 30 minutes. He was fast and friendly and honest. I'll be calling them to do my back brakes when the time comes for that.

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Dan R. - Rockville, MD 
"If only all car repairs were this easy, effortless, and enjoyable"  
While they currently only service Virginia, they were willing to take care of me if I could drive to one of the locations where they service an organization's entire fleet of vehicles. I was quoted a time of 1hr 40min. They were done in about 68min. All 4 brakes, all 4 rotors replaced. Originally it was going to be just the front rotors and all 4 pads, but when they pulled off the back rotors and I saw those stress fractures in the metal... Well, it was a no-brainer. I had them do it all. 

There is no up-selling. They only do brakes. I checked around and their prices are competitive with everyone else who gave me a quote in Maryland. Their Yelp ratings are as good as it gets because their service is as good as it gets.

If you live within their service area, then I'm sure you can just imagine driving your car to your destination with your worn out, spongy, and possibly squealing breaks. You arrange for these guys to come to your office while you are working or to take care of you while you shop at the mall. When you are ready to leave, your car is ready to go with you. Now, how good would that make you feel compared to the old way of doing things? Personally, I'm feeling pretty darn good about my choice right now. Saved over $100, got everything taken care of during my lunch hour, and I got top of the line service (they let me watch and ask questions). And yes, I'm definitely doing business with these guys again.  This was the best non-routine vehicle service I've had in a very long time. If only all car repairs were this easy, effortless, and enjoyable...

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Rich B. - Fairfax, VA 
"Do yourself a favor and call them" 
I had to get my front brake and rotors replaced on my car before safety inspection a couple of weeks ago so I called about 10 different places on a Friday evening at 6:30 PM.  Was able to get quotes from about 8 places including The Brake Squad.  I spoke to Joe and he gave me good information about their service.  After all the quotes, The Brake Squad guys were the most competitive and from what I understand, use better premium parts than most places.  Even though it was a Friday evening, Joe said he could be at my house the next day, a Saturday morning.  I mean if that isn't a fast turn around time, I don't know what is.  So I'm thinking better quality brakes, great pricing and I don't even have to go anywhere and sit and wait on a Saturday?  Sign me up!
Joe and his colleague Alex showed up the next morning, a little late but beyond their control and went to work.  Before hand, he explained the work to be done and also showed me why this was the case.  It gave me a better understanding of how to determine just by look and touch, when the brakes need to be replaced.  Once they began, it took about an hour to replace front rotors and brakes and reset my brake sensors.  They cleaned everything around the area and there was no trace of having work done right in my driveway.

I was honestly a little skeptical about having brake work done on the spot at my house but Joe and Alex were very professional and did a great job.  I will absolutely be going back to them for my next brake replacements and highly recommend them to anyone needing the service.  

You'll be surprised how great their pricing is and how easy they are to work with.  Do yourself a favor and at least call them.
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Adam K. - Burke, VA 
"They gained a true customer!" 
Absolute awesome service! I was hesitant at first to use this company because I always thought you had to go to a garage for brake work. I'm glad I did though. I saved hundreds from what the dealership quoted me, and the technician was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Showed up five minutes before scheduled time as well. They are extremely honest by letting me know that I didn't even have to change my front to brake pads if I didn't want to, but I would have to in a few thousand miles. That shows they're there to give good honest service and not take advantage of you; something you don't see often these days. I'll definitely use again. They gained a true customer!

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Sherry K. - Burke, VA 
"Promt, Courteous, Professional" 
Called yesterday, outside my front door this am. Prompt, courteous, professional. Would strongly recommend them to anyone. Much better than sitting in Midas all day. Prices very competitive. Joe is very knowledgeable. Great job!
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Elaine T. - Centreville, VA 
"Doesn't try to sell you things that you don't need" 
I called The Brake Squad, Inc. on Saturday morning and Joe came to my house that afternoon.  He inspected my brakes and pads, showed me my brakes and pads and gave me an honest explanation.  Joe told me that I didn't need the front brakes immediately and that I wouldn't need the rotors for awhile.  I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads for several reasons.  Joe didn't try to "sell" me brakes.  He wasn't out to make a quick sale for something I didn't immediately need.  I was going to need the brakes in the near future and while the rotors were a little further out, I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads.  I'm so glad I did.  After Joe's explanation about the brakes, I felt very comfortable with my decision to go ahead and have Joe put them on.  This is the first time I actually understood about the service I was receiving (definitely didn't get that from any dealership) and the first time I felt like I was purchasing something I actually needed for my car.  Usually when I get any service for my car done, I walk away wondering if it was a waste of money.  Not this time.  I told Joe I think the Brake Squad is a brilliant idea.  They came to my house and will even come to your job.  How much more convenient can that be?  I didn't have to sit at the dealership for hours and wait for them to put the brakes on only to come out later and tell me I had a dozen other things "they felt" I should have done.  The Brake Squad doesn't try to sell you things that you don't need.  Thank you again Joe for your honesty and excellent service. 
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Meghan C. - Falls Church, VA 
"...very knowledgeable"
Great!  Joe is very knowledgeable and started with an inspection of my vehicle.  He then walked me through each rotor and brake pad to explain why or why they should not be replaced.  Joe is very professional and I would use this service again.
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by David G. - Springfield, VA 

"...He Conquered our Pro" 
Joe came and evaluated my brakes. I thought the front pads needed replacing, but it turned out that they were good, but the rears were pretty worn. The main problem was that the car had been sitting too much and so the rotors had developed some surface rust and pitting. Joe burnished the rotors which removed the rust, and now the car drives smooth as silk. If we keep the car long term there is absolutely no doubt we will call on Joe again to have the rear brakes replaced. Highly convenient, professional and cost efficient! He came, he saw, he conquered our problem. Nuff Said!
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Chris E. - Ashburn, VA 
"I Have Recommended The Brake Squad..."
This was a great experience.  The Brake Squad came to my office and replaced my brakes while I worked.  All services were done as expected and explained and at the cost quoted. This would have cost me hundreds more in lost time if I had to drive to a shop and wait for them to do the job. I have recommended The Brake Squad to all my co-workers and family.
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Shannon B. - Fairfax, VA 

"...extremely pleased with this service"
I was extremely pleased with this service.  The initial call and appointment set up was handled quickly and professionally and the actual service was top notch.  Joe explained some of the things about the inner workings of brakes and brake fluid to me.  He was punctual and efficient with his time.  I would definitely use this service again in the future!
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Cindy K. - Herndon, VA 

"Time is Money!"
Joe was very professional and responsive with all communication.  He assessed my vehicle did need new pads on the front and back and promptly replaced.  Great honest, quality and service at a very affordable price.  Having the ability to continue to perform my own work while he took care of my vehicle was super- and what a time saver.  Time is money!!  Highly recommend.

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Beth D. - Springfield, VA 
"I Have Now Seen the Light!" 
I was first hesitant about mobile car repair, but after reading the wonderful reviews, decided that I will try it out since going to the shop is such a hassle.  I have now seen the light! This repair was so convenient and would recommend this service to anybody I know.  My appointment was scheduled for the following day 6 pm. He arrived a little early, which I said the day before would be fine since my daughter would be home.  I arrived home around 6:15 since the metro was behind, and he was already half way done.  He was very friendly and professional, so I scheduled another appointment due to my need for back brakes.
TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Chris E. - Ashburn, VA

"Highly Recommend"

"Joe replaced my front and rear rotors and brake pads...IN MY DRIVEWAY! Called yesterday and he was here by 2:00pm today. Not only is this a fantastic concept and an under served market, Joe executes exceptionally. Probably the first time a mechanic has shown me the issues with my brakes before recommending the course of action. I highly recommend Joe and the Brake Squad."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Amy W. - Reston, VA

"...Excellent Service and had a fantastic experience"

"The brake squad came to my home and drained my existing brake fluid, flushed the system, and replaced it with new fluid. They also did a comprehensive inspection of Rear and front brakes to see if my 99 Jeep Cherokee required any additional brake maintenance. This is an excellent service and I had a fantastic experience. My brake technician was on time for my Saturday morning appointment And began working promptly at 9 AM. He gave me a thorough explanation of everything he was doing and showed me exactly where on the brakes there were signs of wear and Deterioration. That said, he noted that my brake pads did not require replacement at this time, and did not attempt to up-sell me on additional services. He was able to very quickly and efficiently replace all of my brake fluid and was gone within an hour. I was able to use a credit card to pay which was convenient. I will definitely use this service again and can't imagine going to a actual brake repair center to sit and wait while my car Is worked on when I can Enjoy the convenience of someone coming to my own home to do the same job at a very competitive price."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Robert G. - Reston, VA

"Great, honest and professional crew!"

"We originally had a Groupon deal for Dulles Automotive to replace the disc brake pads. They told me my brakes were shuddering (they were not) and I needed new rotors too even though my car just passed state inspection. I cancelled the deal. Brake Squad checked my SUV, found the rotors were fine and my pads had less than 25% life left on them. Exactly what I thought. They replaced the pads and I will definitely call them again for my other car. Great, honest and professional crew!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Megan M. - Herndon, VA

"Very honest man, Very honest company"

"My husband's car was making an awful screeching sound, and a man at a repair shop he took the car to told him it was a bolt that just needed tightening. My husband tightened every single bolt in the engine, and the noise was still there. I looked up some brake places online, and came across The Brake Squad. After reading the reviews on their webpage, I was sold. We were told the tech would be at our house between 9 and 11, and he showed up at 9:05am. Here's where the story takes a turn. After taking all the wheels off and examining the brakes, he saw that the brake pads and rotors were fine, so he put everything back on and decided to take it for a ride to see if he could tell what the problem was. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to him that the door locks automatically, even with the key in the ignition (faulty door locks, my fault for not mentioning it). He felt so bad and immediately called his boss, Joe, who offered to come out and pop the door open so I didn't have to go through my insurance company. Joe arrived and tried to get the door open, to no avail. I called my insurance company to have them come out (I have road side assistance, it would have been free), but Joe insisted that they pay for a locksmith, and he already had one on the way. While waiting for the locksmith, Joe took the tires off again and found that there was small rust build up on one of the rotors that was rubbing against the dust shield, and that's what was causing the screeching. He pulled the dust shield away from the rotor, the locksmith came and unlocked my car, and Joe wasn't even going to charge me the $50 assessment fee! I insisted on paying, as I knew it would be $50, even if it wasn't the brakes, and even though it wasn't the actual brakes, Joe took it upon himself to fix the problem anyway. "

Very honest man, very honest company, cheaper than we would've paid had we gone to an actual repair shop, AND I got to sit inside my own home with my two little girls. I can't believe I got so lucky as to stumble across these guys. Will definitely call again, whenever I need my brakes repaired.

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Sandra D. - Centreville, VA

"Very professional and ...recommend highly"

"We had numerous estimates on one of our "squealing" cars from all is fine to you need all new rotors for $1500.vWe read about the Brake Squad here on Angie's list and decided to give it a try. First, the estimate was done online and then we set up an appointment. They were able to come to our home on a Saturday. They checked the car for the squealing noise, then discussed new brake pads, and cost (very close to their original estimate). On our "squealing" car the two front rotors needed to be replaced and [they] showed us exactly the problem. It was recommended that we did not need to get the rotors right away, but our concern was the flaking rust that would eventually cause the brakes to [over heat and] warp. We have to admit this was excellent service and all done within two hours. Very professional. Will definitely use again and recommend highly."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Timothy J. - Merrifield, VA

"Awesome job ..."

"My name is Tim; I had my brakes serviced by Aaron on Friday September 6, 2013. I would like to tell you that Aaron did an awesome job on my brakes and rotors Friday afternoon. He was pleasant and very informative. If you can get ten more [employees] like Aaron I could see your business going to the next level. Thank you guys so much and I wish you and your team of brake techs the best."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Gilbert S. - Vienna, VA

"Excellent knowledge of the braking system ..."

"Thank you for my receipt. I was very please with your service. Both of your service reps very professional, they had excellent knowledge of the braking system and answered all of my questions. They were on time, tremendously efficient and very neat in their personal appearance and the appearance of their vehicle and tools that they used.

The price of your service although higher than I expected was still significantly below other service station or brake repair shop cost. Compared to the dealer service cost it is 1/3 of Mercedes cost for the same job.

The amount of time saved by having to take the car to a repair shop and either wait or come back to pick it up later is another very strong benefit of your service.

Also, complements to your advertising it was very effective on the Golf channel."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Isabelle J. - McLean, VA

"... Thank you!"

"I recently used The Brake Squad to take care of my brakes and was very impressed with the service. They come to you (home, office) which is extremely convenient, do a great job and charge less than your favorite mechanic! I love the concept and from now on they have my business... Thank you!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Becky E. - Leesburg, VA

"... Made my life so much easier!"

"Thanks "Brake Squad" for coming out Tuesday to my home and replacing my brake pads. The service was extremely professional and it made my life so much easier!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Jeff S. - Alexandria, VA

"... Happy with their service"

"I had an estimate from another shop of $1000 to fix my brakes. I fully expected to pay this when I contacted The Brake Squad. They came out to my location, ON TIME, and looked at my brake problems. After inspecting my brakes they explained everything going on and recommended repairs much less than the previous shop. My brakes work great. I appreciate the time they took to explain the repairs and why they did and did not do what the other shop recommended. I will use them again. Car repairs can be scary since most of us don't have a clue on what needs to be done. I recommend contacting them if you have brake problems. You will be happy with their service."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Lynda G. - Arlington, VA

"... Excellent"

"On time, efficient, did not recommend unnecessary repairs. Clean up - excellent. Very fast."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Ryan W. - Chantilly, VA

"Extremely professional, punctual, an personable."

"Genius idea and expert execution. I lost my brakes completely the other day and had to park my vehicle outside of work. Not knowing where a decent brake shop was I Googled brake repair and The Brake Squad came up as a mobile brake repair option. After speaking to them on the phone I found out the company I work for they are a customer and I could be happier being a customer of theirs. Extremely professional, punctual, an personable. The tech showed up exactly when they said they would prepared to complete the job. They replaced my two front rotors, front brake pads, bled my lines and ordered me a new abs controller. I was more than impressed with the level of service and the great information I got about brake systems during the service. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone I encounter who requires brake repair or service and I plan on using them any time I need service. Thanks guys this is a great service you offer."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian B. - Chantilly, VA

"... pleasant, friendly and honest"

"My brakes had been shuddering pretty badly for weeks when I decided to have Joe and the Brake Squad repair them. They gave me an estimate very quickly and arranged the appointment to come to my house at a time most convenient to me. Joe arrived on time, confirmed his diagnosis and repaired my brakes in about an hour while I stayed in the comfort of my home. My brakes work great with no more shuddering. Joe was pleasant, friendly and honest. I couldn't be more pleased and will plan to call them next time."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brandee H. - Manassas, VA

"What a refreshing experience!"

"I called The Brake Squad because I loved that they provide home service and getting to the repair shop and sitting for hours is not my idea of time well spent. I was careful to read through reviews and was happy to see words like fair, honest, efficient and knowledgeable were throughout all the reviews.

Joe arrived promptly at the scheduled appt time and was friendly. He assessed the situation, carefully showing me exactly what he was referring to on my car as the cause of the problem. I'm happy to say he told me I didn't need the amount of work I originally anticipated and only did what was necessary! The service was quick, and there is no trace of anything left in the driveway!

Not only is this a convenient business, they are honest and that's so important esp since I'm totally naïve to car repair! When I do need the other work done- I'm calling them! In the meantime I'm referring friends- and you yelpers! What a refreshing experience!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Zach M. - Burke, VA

"Highly recommend The Brake Squad to everyone!!"

"Hands down best experience I've had with any auto repair. Not only do they come to your house, but they are fast and extremely fair. I called around for price quotes and his was much lower then the competition. I highly recommend The Brake Squad to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Kevin G. - Manassas, VA

"Thanks again!"

"I felt the need to write this quick note of gratitude to Joe and I want to take a moment to commend you on the quality of your workmanship, service, and the very knowledgeable and personable person you are. I sincerely appreciate that posture of being most concerned with the customer, than with the possibility of more work. There are too few people in your industry with that attitude. I appreciate your honesty and experience, which put you above the rest. I was pleased to receive your very reasonable estimate and was excited to hire you to install my brakes and rotors at my workplace in College Park, Maryland. Thanks again!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by J. K. - Falls Church, VA

"The best car repair service"

"I will second the sentiments already posted about this being the best car repair service I've had:
1. THEY come to YOU.
2. They are CHEAPER than a repair shop.
3. They are great at what they do.
4. They are honest. (I definitely thought I needed 4 brakes replaced, turns out it was only the 2 front).
5. Did I mention that they come to you?
This seriously requires no thought: I'll never use anyone else for brakes, ever."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Richard S. - Leesburg, VA

"...Excellent service, quality, and know-how"

"The brake squad got me out of my jam. I tried to "do it myself" and got stuck halfway through. I called the Brake Squad and they scheduled an appointment immediately, drove to my house and fixed my brakes.

The technician could not have been nicer or more professional. It was an embarrassing situation for me, but there was no judgment or awkwardness. He went right to work, figured out my issue, and went well above and beyond by dealing with the mess I made and straightened everything out.

I have a Jaguar, and there are some "engineering challenges" with the brakes on these cars. The Brake Squad had the right tools, know-how, and experience to get the job done right.

Many thanks to The Brake Squad for excellent service, quality, and know-how"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Mitchal S. - Ashburn, VA

"Above and beyond expectations..."

"Above and beyond expectations. Anyone who has had their brakes done understands the dread of not knowing if they're paying for necessary repairs, or if more work is being done than necessary. I heard grinding in my front brakes and assumed I was going to have rotors replaced.

When Joe arrived he gave me an honest assessment, and instead of taking advantage of my preconceived notion of paying 800 dollars for new rotors, cheerfully told me what the problem was, and changed only my brake pads. He was enjoyable to work with and arrived when he said he would. I recommend him to everyone who appreciates saving time and money."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Shawnda K. - Sterling, VA

"Super nice..."

"Joe is super nice. He makes you feel comfortable and he is downright honest. I gave him the wrong specs on my car and he still was able to work things out for me. He makes getting brakes as pain-free as possible. I would look nowhere else to get your brakes done. As long as he is in business, he will have my family's business."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Heather W. - Fairfax, VA

"... Strongly recommend"

"The Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair Service had received high ratings and exceptional reviews and that is why I chose them over anyone else. Joe scheduled my appointment right away and arrived right on time. I loved the convenience Joe provided by coming to my home. He provided excellent service and gave me a tutorial as to what was wrong with my brakes and gave me a better understanding as to what to look for in the future. I would use this service again and I would strongly recommend Joe to anyone who needs their brakes serviced!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Matt R. - Fairfax, VA

"Professional, prompt, efficient and friendly..."

"Joe was great: professional, prompt, efficient and friendly. I asked him if he minded me watching him change my brakes and he had no problem at all explaining each step to me.

Price was more than fair and the service was super convenient!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Denise R. - Fairfax, VA

"Very convenient service"

"The Brake Squad is a very convenient service. The technician comes to your home on your schedule and performs the repair. Joe was courteous, helpful and efficient. The service uses top quality products at prices far below what the dealership charges. I highly recommend this service to anyone who values their time, money and safety."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Christopher B. - Hyattsville, MD

"I am very happy!"

"I would recommend the Brake Squad for anyone who needs brake service. They came to my job and changed both front and rear pads within 45 minutes. Joe was great and explained everything. I am very happy!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Dave K. - Reston, VA

"Simple, convenient way to service the brakes"

"The "Check Brake Pad" indicator came on in my Range Rover last week, so I gave Joe from The Brake Squad a call. Joe went through the options with me over the phone, ordered Akebono pads for my truck in advance of our appointment, and came by my office to complete the work just a few days later. I've never experienced a more simple, convenient way to service the brakes on my vehicle. Joe mounted the pads, and replaced my OEM brake sensors all in about 45 minutes, and I never even had to leave my desk. His prices were extremely reasonable, I could not be happier with the service I received. Would absolutely recommend Joe and the Brake Squad to anyone in need of brake work."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Laura C. - Fairfax, VA

"Pleasant automotive repair experience."

"Called Saturday morning and my brakes were fixed by noon. Joe was very thorough in explaining what he was doing as well as other issues that he discovered. He replaced the front brakes and also checked the rear brakes. Finally a pleasant automotive repair experience. I wish the Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair did other car repairs! Will definitely recommend to my friends!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian H. - Fairfax, VA

"What a good decision!"

"I took my car into a local shop for a safety inspection and it failed on the front brakes being worn down. The shop was asking for a lot of money to fix it, so I decided to give the brake squad a try. What a good decision! Joe scheduled an appointment for the very next day at a time that worked best for me. He came and got the job done right in my driveway while I had dinner with my family. It doesn't get any easier than that. To top it all of, the price was WELL below what the shop had been asking for, and Joe didn't cut any corners, putting on high quality pads and lubing the system for optimal performance. Why have anyone else do your brakes?"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Ross B. - Fairfax, VA

"This service is awesome!"

"This service is awesome! Joe came to my office to fix my wife's brakes and it only took about an hour and was reasonably priced (no bait and switch). I would recommend this service to anyone who needs brakes and doesn't want to deal with the hassle of getting a ride or missing work!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Linda L. - Herndon, VA

"Highly recommend"

"I recently got a used car and had a pre-purchase inspection from a dealer that required about ~$1200 in brake "repairs." Thankfully, my mom had Joe's brake squad in mind from the time she had issues with her brakes on her Lexus. Joe showed us the brakes on my used car and explained how they worked. The dealer said the drum had to be machined or replaced and the shoes had to be replaced; however, Joe showed us they were just fine. They also said the brake fluid was really dark; however, again, Joe showed us the dealer was wrong. He helped us save a lot of money and I would highly recommend Brake Squad to my friends. If I have any other brake problems I would definitely use them again (if I'm in the area)."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Grant L. - Arlington, VA

"Great Job"

"I called Joe and was able to schedule the meeting the next day. He came to my office and was finished within an hour. He did a great job and used top notch products for my brakes and rotors. I would definitely recommend Joe and the brake squad team to everyone!"

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian B. - Chantilly, VA

"Great experience"

"I had a great experience with the Brake Squad. Not only did they provide an expert brake repair for my Camry's front brakes but explained everything in detail and were very honest in the work they performed.

My brakes were shuddering pretty badly so I notified Joe. He correctly diagnosed the problem and replaced the rotors and pads while I stayed comfortably in my couldn't be more convenient. He showed up on time and explained everything in detail. I'll plan to use them again."

Rating: 5

TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by LeeAnn M. - Gainesville, VA

"... Prompt and professional service"

"I called in the middle of winter. I knew I needed new rotors, but, Joe insisted that he wouldn't sell them to me if I didn't need them. Joe was prompt and on time. He checked my rotors and brake pads and showed me why I needed them to be replaced. He was very patient with his explanation to me and I completely agreed. I love how they do everything in your driveway. With a little one at home, the last thing I want to do is sit all day at a repair shop. I love the convenience and professionalism with The Brake Squad. I would definitely use them again. I've told all of my friends about their prompt and professional service and most important, their honesty."

Rating: 5

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